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Hey, I'm just the web guy.

Sup ya'll readers out there in web land. I'm not going to give you some big fat "Faith without works is dead" speech or anything prophetic like that. Personally, I'm not very good at that stuff. I didn't get some message from God; no angel came down from the clouds and said in that bold, echoing voice, "create the Watermark website on October 5, 1996."

Hey, I'm just the web guy. The San Jose Catholic Community had just set up their web presence and I decided to do the deeds of starting the youth group portion. It wasn't much of a big idea or anything; I just put my little HTML knowledge to work, took some photos, and wrote some captions.

But the job became much more demanding month after month. Soon the page turned into sections and my old layout didn't work anymore so I had to redesign the site. I learned a lot of HTML and Photoshop tricks during that time, so I put it all to work. To make a long and boring story short, let's just say it became really demanding.

Well, since then I graduated from high school and now I'm off into the big world of college and all that, so I passed the site onto Sandy, Leon, Loretta, Judy, and Patrick. They redesigned the site, packed some content, and created some stunning graphics. I'm so proud of you guys!!!!!

It's pretty cool that what started off as a simple HTML page is now an action-packed website for Catholic teens across the globe! (that just sounded totally cheesy). Anyway, keep the faith in our Savior Jesus Christ...gosh I wish I could leave you all in awe with some inspiring words or something but I guess that's just not going to happen.

Wait, but that's not me anyway, I'm just the web guy.

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An elite few have been selected to be in the Hall of Fame. These two, Hank Lee and Gene Yang, have the devotion and faith that sets a standard for Watermark teens. They've endured the greatest challenge- surviving teen life as pure boys. They've devoted time to creating something that would not have existed.... The Watermark Youth Group.

About Watermark

Watermark Youth Group was started in 1993 by two college students wanting to celebrate their excitement for Jesus with the youth of their home church, the San Jose Chinese Catholic Community. Since then, by the Grace of God, we've grown quite a bit. We've gone through both good times and bad times; we've had our parties, prayer meetings, and arguments. And we've met the Father, Son and Holy Ghost along the way.

Why are we named Watermark? Because we want to be the mark that Living Water makes on our community.

Youth Ministry: Past, Present, and Future


As another school year ends and another summer begins, many are faced with the question..."What are you doing this summer?"  For some, the summer is a time to just relax, enjoy the time off from the rigors of academia, and to do all the things we’ve been wanting to do but just didn’t have the time to do it.  For others, the summer is a time to go to summer school and take a class or two or three.  Some even boldly enter the real world and make a little money.  For three very short months, our lives are not ruled by school, homework, sleep, school, homework, sleep, school, homework, sleep, etc.  The summer is when free time does in fact, exist.  Therefore, my challenge for you is to spend more time with the Lord.  It doesn’t take much, maybe spend half an hour each day just praying and reading the bible.

Faith without works is dead.

Watermark spent the past year studying the epistle of James.  In his letter, James talks about the importance of faith and its relationship with works.  Faith without works is dead.  Faith and works without a relationship with the Lord is equally dead.  Studying scripture is just one way to draw closer to God, but a very significant one.  James contained a lot of practical teachings which were all very applicable to our daily lives.  His writing is very laconic so we were able to spend a good portion of our time on application.

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